Step-by-step guide

(please see video attached below to this page)

  1. From the Companies page, click the Add A Company button.
  2. Type the company name in Step 1.
  3. OPTIONAL: If the company is a subsidiary of another company, select the parent company name. 

    NOTE: The parent company must already exist on the Management Portal. You can edit a company to associate it with its parent later, if needed.

  4. To connect Berlitz systems holding student data with this company profile, type the name of the company as it exists in those systems. 

    a. NOTE: This is often the exact name you used in Step 1. 

    b. The only systems currently connected to the Management Portal are Berlitz Online Testing Platform and BVC US / VSS. 

  5. Select Search to find if any of the connected Berlitz systems have that company's data. If so, you will see them listed below.
  6. Select the checkbox for each Berlitz system you want to connect to this company. The selected companies will appear below for confirmation purposes.
  7. Hit Save.
  8. Find your newly created company on the Companies page and click it to see that company's Management Portal Dashboard.


NOTE: We strongly recommend you review the data before inviting any corporate decision makers to access the Management Portal.

If there are errors or missing data, you will need to speak to Operations to make any necessary updates.