If your customer has authorized units, you can create a learning path that accounts for their reason for studying and what they really want to achieve. The reality that they may have limited number of authorized units will impact the final proposed learning path. But you can always show them what is possible!

To see how their authorized time units impact their learning path, follow these steps.

Step-by-step guide

If time units were entered in Step 2: Enter Program Parameters > unauthorized units field, it is possible that some content units in the learning path may exceed the authorized time units. Those unauthorized content units will appear as gray colored tiles in the LPG. The printed/shareable learning path will not show this unauthorized fields.

This may mean a possible learning path of 40 content units is wanted. The student only has 10 authorized time units. The proposed learning path shared with the customer will

1. Enter the number of authorized time units.

2. Hit either SAVE or CREATE LEARNING PATH to generate the learning path.


Either button will create the learning path. You can save at any time.

3. A red warning bar will appear in Step 2: Enter Program Parameters to notify you that the level progression requirements aren't met.

If your customer is not doing level progression and is only focusing on skills, you won't see this red banner.


    Notice the goal level is to end at Level 5.
    The number of authorized time units is 10.
    The red warning banner states

    Note: Level 5: Not enough units to complete this level. Please ensure the level requirements are met.Note: Not enough units authorized.

4. The created learning path shows the unauthrozied units in gray and has a note indicating they are not authorized.

5. Hit Share or Print for the student to see their learning path proposal.