My student wants to take elective content or custom units in a specific order. How do I do this?

Content units that can be moved/re-arranged from the default order are:

For certain English electives.

The following LP content units cannot be moved for pedagogy reasons.

Foundational Content

Modular Content

A single chapter of third party materials (non-Berlitz publishing).

A single chapter of older Berlitz materials.

Step-by-step guide

    1. Select the Rearrange button

    2. Click on the content to be moved and drag it where you want it. START


    3. Select the Save button


If you are done making changes and the student wishes to enroll with this LP, hit the Enroll button.

CAUTION when editing:

If you EDIT an LP where you have re-arranged or moved the content units, you will see this message

Any changes you made will be lost after you make any changes to Step 2. This is because many Step 2 actions impact what content is available on the learning path.