Step-by-step guide

1. After you create a learning path for a group, click  ENROLL in the learning path.

This makes it read-only

2. A button opens up:  VSS DATA

Click this button and the window will open with 3 steps.  You will act on Steps 1 and 3.

3. In Step 1 of the pop up window, copy the link number/letter combination under Cobra Link

4. Paste it in the Client Profile document in the applicable field:  Cobra License Key

5. Go back to the same screen and copy the link for each level under LEARNING PATH LEVEL ID in the step 3 Enter Program Plan.

6. Paste it in the Client Profile document in the LP LEVEL ID field. 

After you have pasted all the links, you will have 4 links in the document if you enrolled someone for 3 levels.


If you look at the links in each level, you see the only difference is the last digit, which indicates the level.

You could just copy the link 3 times in the client profile, and change the 3 to 4 and the 3 to 5 in each line. 

It could save some time.  Just make sure you don’t mess up the sequence of the link!

 7. To ensure that there are no issues with the automated process, and to finalize the enrollment at BVC, send your email confirming the enrollment for the group, and highlighting the group’s name.

8. In the body of the email, enter all the group students belonging to this group with their full name (FirstName,LastName) and Mr/Ms/Mrs and their email address. Attach the PDFof the booking form and the client profile. 

9. Send it to