You have a student who has already started taking lessons using their learning path. They want to add more content (change their goals) to their Learning Path.

Student: Alix Susana

Language: English

Start Level: 3

Goal Level: 4

Electives: Meetings 3-4 (in level 3)

Custom units: 10

Please note: The sales person will not be able to edit an enrollment while classes are being delivered for that particular LP.

Situation: Student has already taken 10 lessons in BVC and would like to add a second level to the original LP. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Find learning path in your list of enrolled learning paths
  2. Open learning path, the units that have been taken will be visualized with a green check:

 3. Click on "edit enrollment" and confirm "yes" if you want to proceed:

4. Change the goal level to the desired one. In this case I changed the goal level to 6 with Complete versions of Business content for levels 5 and 6 and deleted the custom units.

Pro tip: I will need to remember the orignal number of authorized units (100) when adding the new content, otherwise the new learning path will have unauthorized units. 

Check the "Enrollment History" to view your first number of authorized units.

5. After you change the goals and add the units, click on "create Learning Path" and observe the new LP:

6. If you are satisfied with the new LP, click on "save" and "re-enroll"

7. Confirm re-enrollment:

8. Since your re-enrollment required purchase of more units, you will have to adjust the VSS Program and Plan with the new information to be able to have the new levels and lines in the ePed card.