You have a student who has already started taking lessons using their learning path. They need to add more time to their Learning Path because for different reasons (pace, attendance or other), they could not complete the original learning path that they intended to. 


When your student needs to add only time to the Learning path, it is not considered a re-enrollment because there is no new content being added. You will need to add more authorized units and submit the booking sheet to BVC.

Step-by-step guide

  1. As a sales person you will be notified by the BVC Hub of the situation for the student
  2. You will need to process an additional unit purchase by the student. For this, you don't need to edit the LP, only a new booking sheet with the enrollment of new units.
  3. You will submit a booking sheet with the new number of units that is needed to complete the LP to the BVC Hub that will deliver this course