Student: Pablo Miranda

Pablo's initial LP Goals: 

  • Language: English 
  • Start Level: 5
  • Goal Level : 5 
  • Focus: Business - Finance and Accounting
  • Elective 1: Meetings and Presentations
  • Elective 2: Pronunciation

Pablo only had 40 authorized units, so his initial LP could only cover his LP partially. He needed 14 more to complete his LP. He enrolled for only 40:

Pablo attended all his lessons and now wants to re-enroll the 14 units that he needs to in order to complete. 

Sales person is notified of Pablo finalizing his of units and content. Since Pablo wants to continue, the sales person will come back to his LPG and find the enrollment for Pablo Miranda. Once there:


1. Go to edit-enrollment

2. Accept the "modify enrolled Learning Path"

3. Adjust authorized units (enter new total) to cover the content that is locked currently (14) and click on "save" in the parameters.

4. The previously locked content is now available (see arrow):

5. Click on re-enroll:

6. Accept re-enrollment:

7. You will receive a confirmation of "Learning Path enrolled" at the top of the screen:

8. The LPG will automatically update the VSS record for Pablo Miranda and the new authorized content will be reflected in the Learning Path section. 

Important note: the new unit purchase (enrollment of 14 units) will have to added manually in the Program Details (new enrollment) section of the VSS, so that the ePed card will have the available lines for classes to be scheduled.

Also the program plan will have to updated with the extra 14 units in the original line where it was entered first.