For example, Harry David Is being transferred from a regular program to an LP Program.

In his previous program, he advanced up to half of English Level 4 and he's now going to complete the rest of level 4 under an LP program:

His learning path creation will look like this:

Step-by-step guide

1. Create an LP with the original starting level content (LEVEL 4) and his goal level (level 6) and electives if any. In this case, the student had chosen CUSTOMER SERVICE Express pack:

2. Save the LP

3. On Step 3 and before enrolling, click on "Modify Units" and on the drop-down, select "mark complete":

4. Hover with mouse up to the unit you want to mark as the point where the student has taken content. In this case, up to half of level 4. You will see that the title of the tile changes to "Click to mark content complete to here":

5. Click on the unit to mark complete and see how gray checks appear to indicate:

6. The Learning Path Generator will only add authorized units for the remaining content that needs to be taken. In the case of Level 4, it will only show that 21 units remain to be seen and this calculation will be factored in on the authorized units:

Note: The calculation: 21 units for level 4, 50 for level 5 (with the elective of 10) and 40 for the last level (6)

7. Enroll the Learning Path

8. Create Student and Program in the VSS, add the units that are needed to complete the plan without substracting the ones that are taken already. In this case, do not add an enrollment for 111, but for 130. Enter the VSS DATA information in the corresponding places (Cobra Link ID and Program Plan) and the VSS will acknowledge the taken units. The plan will start on unit 20:

Important: The ePed card in the VSS will also acknowledge that only 111 units need to be booked, even if the enrollment was made for the full number of units needed (130)



Currently, there is no integration with COSMOS or other ePed Cards.