You have a student with an LP, but their starting level needs to be changed and their Learning Path changed to reflect their true level.

In this case, ANA MARIA MOLINARES, started a program in ITALIAN LEVEL 1, and she took some lessons in level 1, but the instructor quickly discovered that she is really a level 2.

So the original Learning Path, needs to be changed to level 2 and acknowledge the lesson she has already taken. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Find the learning path enrollment for Ana Maria. It should show the units she has taken already:

The taken units:

2. If I want to change the original parameters, I need to go to "edit enrollment" and confirm "yes":

3. Go to "unlock parameters":

4. It will ask you the reason for the changes in the re-enrollment: wrong start level, wrong course or other and click on "OK"

5.  Change the level from 1 to 2 and set the goal level at 3.

Note 1: visualize in the "enrollment history" that the original number of units purchased was 50 and that 10 have already been taken for level 1. 

Note 2: 

Out of the 50 originally purchased, 10 were already delivered. 8 are from level 1, so those will not be counted (marked as "discarded") towards the plan, but 2 custom units will be counted towards the second plan:

The new enrollment will only have 42 units available to use for the new plan. This means that the level 2 will have unauthorized units (8) and that level 3 will not have authorized units to be delivered. 

Therefore, I will need to have my student purchase 8 units for level 2 and 48 for level 3.

6. Adjust new total of authorized units (current 50 plus new time units 56); purchase according to the new LP goals (56)

7. Save and Re-enroll.

8. Adjust the VSS enrollment with the new data from the LP. Make sure to adjust to the new number of units of the second enrollment. The VSS will reflect the units taken towards the new start level:

(This is a view of the plan with the 2 custom units already marked as taken)

Please take on account! 

  • Any specific content selected for General Course Focus will have to be re-done. 
  • Available Skills/Electives may be impacted, depending on the new Starting and Ending level. No skills are available until Levels 3 through 4. Levels 5 through 8 have additional skill options