The numbers provide an easy distinction between various, multiple (more than one per material type/color) content materials that are part of the same LP. These could be:

  • Foundational/Core materials
  • Electives (Specific Skills)
  • Legacy materials

In below example, numbers help to clearly see which units are part of which teal-colored Legacy Material:

  1. Berlitz English Essentials 5 or
  2. Berlitz English Pronunciation or
  3. Berlitz English Negotiations

Electives in below LP are colored yellow and also have numbers within their type:

  1. Customer Service (BM) 5-8
  2. Email and Business Writing (BM) 5-8 Core Pack

The same approach of distinction by number for various materials in the same LP was implemented into VSS LP view (in Student's ePed Card), so that it is easy for instructors to differentiate between them. See example below:


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