1. The countdown timer is situated in Learning Path header next to current status:

2. When the timer runs out, re-enrollment is automatically canceled. A user who started the re-enrollment will see a notification pop-up next time they open that particular LP.

3. If a class starts in less than 45 minutes, user should see a message in the edit confirmation popup. The timer will be reduced accordingly as to run out at 15 minutes before the class start. If a class starts in less than 15 minutes or is currently ongoing, user will receive an error message when trying to edit enrollment.

This functionality supports cases when a salesperson is re-enrolling an LP, but leaves the LP open without completing the re-enrollment. It lets the sales person know how long before the LP will automatically revert to its enrolled state and the sales person’s changes are lost.


As long as the salesperson is actively working on the LP (making changes and saving), they are fine. It is only if they essentially “walk away” from the re-enrolling LP that this timeout matters.