Please follow the link: - "Customers" item in the left menu of Student Materials Portal (SMP) Admin Panel (Live).

The interface is divided into two parts:

  • Search for users
  • Progress Management

1. Search for users. It can work through four fields. Several fields can be searched simultaneously (E-mail and First name, First name and Last name, etc). Also it is permissible to use the * character in the search fields, which replaces the unknown part of the search query: 

The result of the search will be a table containing user data: E-mail, Full name, Account creation date, detailed display of completed units for each course, associated License key, ISBN associated with this License key and License key binding date.

The "Match" column shows the percentage of matching the result (for the fields E-mail, First name, Last name, License code) to the search phrase: 

This functionality is conveniently used to search for duplicate accounts belonging to one student, as well as to search for license keys associated with the requested account.

NOTE: This does not provide access to the

2. For a more detailed study of the user profile, the opportunity has been created to log in as a user in SMP: All actions committed in the user profile do not affect the progress in any way, are not visible to the user and will not be saved.

This functionality is conveniently used to solve problems with:

  • Investigating errors for online practice scores
  • Track the last activity of a student in any of his courses
  • Showing saved data in the student guide
  • and much more...

 3. Progress Management. It allows you to transfer, copy or merge data from one user account to another. To do this, enter the e-mails of the accounts of the donor ("For" field) and the recipient ("To" field) of the data and click the "Copy", "Move" or "Merge" button. This functionality works only for Course-based students.

The merge of progress should be user if two units have passed different units in the same course.

All operations of transfer/copying/merge of progress are stored on the same page in the table below. Also we implemented the ability to search for a specific record of transferring progress in the Progress Management table: & "Search" field.