Aviation English is a specialized material that has special rules. Only duly qualified instructors may teach from Aviation English material. To be authorized to deliver lessons based on Aviation English content, instructors must first complete IATA-approved training.

The info on training can be obtained from Global Quality & Training (teri.erhardt@berlitz.de and liz.thomson@berlitz.co.uk)

Once instructor successfully completes training, you can grant the instructor access to the Aviation English materials via https://lmi-portal.berlitz.com. You will add aviation English in the same way that you add any language to the instructor’s access to the digital materials portal. The “language” code that you need to add is: lang-av

Please note: Aviation English 5-8 course is elective and can be taught only if paired with English course. The request for Instructor Portal access for qualified instructor should include both languages at the same time: English language and Aviation English “language”.