Step-by-step guide

Below are the steps you will need to take to set up access to the Management Portal for your companies/organizations and their decision makers.

  1. Make sure you can access the Management Portal using the same username/password combination that you use to connect to Berlitz Intranet.

  2. You will need an SSO account to be granted an access, however if you have created an account in @Berlitz Learning Center (, it means you already have an SSO account. If not, please see below section "How to register in SSO".

    1. Notify your supervisor*, so they could send a request to to grant you an access to the portal for the languages you teach.

    supervisor's approval is a required step.

    If you are a supervisor and need to send a request for an activation to the Instructor Portal for your instructor(s), please follow below steps.

    1. Use Excel spreadsheet at the bottom of this page and include the following information:

        a. supervisor's email address

        b. first name

        c. last name

        d. email

        e. title

    2. Mark "Management Portal" and/or "Demo Management Portal" to specify the portal. Look below for some considerations.

    3. Indicate which languages each instructor should be able to access. If you do not want to put a limit for a particular instructor, please say "all".

    4. Send the updated Excel sheet to the following email:

    How to register in SSO

    1. Follow this link: to register.

    2. A confirmation email will be immediately sent to the email address that you used to create the account. 

    3. Click the link in this email immediately and follow the steps to complete the registration.

    4. Notify your supervisor**, so they could send a request to to grant you an access to the portal for the languages you teach.


    supervisor's approval is a required step.

  3.  Walk-through the process of adding the companies you wish to access. See "How do I create a company on the Management Portal?" article.

  4. Review the data we show for each of your entered company to ensure that the data is accurate (or at least presentable) to your HR managers.

  5. Walk-through the process of adding a decision maker (HR manager) and adjust the invitation as needed to personalize the company and name.

  6. Periodically return to the Management Portal to assess the health of the students using the new learning paths, and see if the decision makers are making use of the site, too.


Granting access to the Management Portal gives the individual full access to all of the company and student data available in the Management Portal. If the sales person just needs access to one or a few companies, you can grant them access using the "Decision Maker" functionality. Instructions here: How do I add a decision maker to the Management Portal?

The Demo Management Portal is a version of the Management Portal with all of the student and company data in it made anonymous. You see past real student data. You just don't see any identifying data.