1. Once the tests are printed, an empty test record for each instance of the test will be created. On the row for the test, two new buttons will appear:

  • Show Results button – To see all student results for this test, after they have been entered.
  • Enter/View Results button – To enter test results for individual students.

At this point, Show Results will take you to the screen with the empty records. Student’s First Name, Last Name,  Email, as well as completion Status and Score columns will be populated after you enter student‘s info and their answers.

2. To enter student’s answers, click on Enter/View Results button.

NOTE: Please make sure you are entering the results for the tests you initially printed (the Unique ID of the course matches)

3. In the pop-up box, click to select the test ID and make sure it matches to the same ID number as you see in the printed PDF file for a particular student’s printed test.

4. Fill out the student’s info and the answers that student has given. Enter answer for each question number separately (example: a, or b, or c, or d). You can click Save at any point and come back to it later by following steps 2 and 3 above.

5. Once done, click Submit Results. Please note, that once you Submit Results, you cannot undo this action. The system at this point will immediately and automatically:

  • Complete the test results record including score
  • Send the test results to student’s and LC’s emails
  • Display the results in Student Portal (if email entered here matched email student is registered with on the portal) and Management Portal (if applicable)

There will be a warning displayed (see below). When you are ready to submit, click OK.

6. Repeat steps described in points 2 through 5 for each student separately, so that test results records get populated:


1. Once the test results are inserted and saved, the system completes the empty record for each student. You can view them by clicking on Show Results button in Tests List.

2. The record will now display student’s full name, email and test results in the columns indicated in below image. You will also see if the test was passed* in the Pass column.

Students that achieved a score of 75% or higher have passed the Curriculum test.