Welcome, Student!

You are ready to take the Curriculum test when:

  1. You have completed 
    • 85% of your Online Practice (if you used a license key to access your digital materials) or
    • 90% of your Learning Path for a specific level (if you accessed your digital materials via Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) portal)
  2. You are near the end of your program and have regularly attended your lessons
  3. You have a headset or ear buds for your device to hear an audio for the test items
  4. You are in a quiet place to take the test

Depending on your content, the test consists of 10 to 60 questions and takes approximately 10 to 45 minutes. Test should be taken at once and cannot be paused. If you interrupt the test, you will need to restart it from the beginning.

Before you start the test please read the following instructions.

Good luck with your online Curriculum Test!

Your Berlitz Team


Before you start the test, it is essential to make sure that your computer meets the following minimum technical requirements:

  • Using an „evergreen“ browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Internet Explorer 11 and higher
  • Supported OS are Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or latest iOS version
  • Sound card, external speakers or a headset

For users of smartphones and tablets:

  • Supported mobile OS: latest versions of iOS, Android or Windows Phone
  • Supported mobile browsers: latest versions of Safari, Chrome or Firefox



  1. Click on “Take Test” button on the “Curriculum Test” tile on your portal.
  2. Check the box I Agree to accept the Confidentiality Agreement.
  3. Click CONTINUE to start a new test.




As soon as the test is finished, your results will be displayed on the screen and sent to your registered email address. Click on “Show Detailed Results” to expend the view with questions and your answers.

You also have an option to:

  • Access your test results anytime by clicking on “View My Test Score” button on “Curriculum Test” tile of your Student Portal. To view detailed results, click on “Show Detailed Results” link.
  • Retake the test by clicking on “Take the Test Again” button on “Curriculum Test” tile


If you have a Curriculum Test score of 75% or higher, you have passed the Curriculum Test. You can retake the test up to two (2) times to get a higher score.


If you have a non-passing score, which is 74% or lower, you can retake the test up to two (2) times to get a higher score. To do this, click on “Take the Test Again” button on “Curriculum Test” tile (as shown above).

NOTE: Your Student Portal will show your last/most recent Curriculum Test score.

If you have taken all three (3) tries of the test, you will no longer be able to re-take the test.

Please see an example of Detailed Results below.